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We gather together every Sunday morning for our Adult Sunday School Class beginning at 11:45 am. Teens are welcome to these studies.


A Biblical Study of the Supernatural World

The invisible world is very mysterious indeed. Interestingly, much of what effects us spiritually takes place outside our own 24-hour dimensional time frame. Outside our time is an invisible world where God reigns supreme orchestrating His sovereign plan over all creation and us personally. Beneath what we can see and feel, there lies a world of angelic hosts and demonic forces that do battle.

Because of this, it is helpful to know what the Bible teaches on the subject of God’s created creatures and how we can better understand how they work in God’s purposes. This study will explore some informative and sometimes frightening looks into the invisible battles that have taken place in the past, what is happening now, and what will happen in the future. Those who follow Christ are targets for the enemy and we must realize that we are involved in spiritual warfare.

Pastor Brett will be leading this study beginning January 6, 2019. Because of the intensity of this study, we will be gathering in the sanctuary promptly at 11:45 and meeting till 12:30.