Marching Orders for True Disciples Title Slide.jpg

Old Pharisees Never DieTitle Slide.jpg

Clean from the inside out Title Slide.jpg

Compliments & CrowdsTitle Slide.jpg

Storming Hellish GatesTitle Slide.jpg

Lord Teach Us to PrayTitle Slide.jpg

Taming the Lion within Us Title Slide.jpg

What About My Neighbor's NeighborTitle Slide.jpg

Joyful Reunion an Insightful ResponseTitle Slide.jpg

Plain Talk to All in Ministry Title Slide.jpg

Snapshots from an Amazing AlbumTitle Slide.jpg

The Ugly Side of Sin Title Slide.jpg

When Your Surrounded by the EnemyTitle Slide.jpg



A study in contrasts slide.jpg
Absurd Advise in a Selish Era Title Slide.jpg
Be Careful How You Listen Title Slide.jpg

From the Frying Pan into the Fire Slide.jpg
Great Deeds Big God Slide.jpg
In Defence of a Doubter Title Slide.jpg

Is it OK to Party with Sinners reformatted final.jpg
Making it through the perfect storm Title Slide.jpg

The Devil Never Made Him Do It Slide.jpg

The Ultimate Close Encounter Title Slide.jpg

What is it like to Fish with Jesus.jpg

Be Careful Who You Insult Title Slide.jpg
Elisha's Faithful Response Title Slide.jpg

God's Supply When Things Get ToughTitle Slide.jpg
Learning Faith in the Midst of Doubt Title Slide.jpg
Purified Water Title Slide.jpg
The Testing of Our Faith Under the Power of GodTitle Slide.jpg
Valley of DitchesTitle Slide.jpg
We Three Kings Title Slide.jpg

One Minute After You Die Title Slide.jpg
A New Years Plea to Plan Title Slide.jpg
running-on-empty Title Slide.jpg